Paris Fashion Week is happening right now. We’ll be updating new collections in LifeStyle over the next few days. Tomorrow is Balenciaga. And since she’s the face of the label’s Florabotanica fragrance, Kristen Stewart is in Paris ahead of the show. Here she is arriving at Charles de Gaulle wearing a stain and a mysterious smile.

As I was the first to report during TIFF (click here for a refresher) and subsequently confirmed by every outlet last week - allow me some birthday gloat, would you? - Stewart and Robert Pattinson are back together. According to US Weekly they’ve moved back in. My sources tell me that though things are “fragile” as Pattinson works out his trust issues, they are apparently “more intense than they’ve ever been, especially Kristen. It’s like they’re desperate for each other all the time. She’s trying to see this as something that brought them closer together”.