Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart tonight in London for the Twilight UK premiere. The mayhem wasn’t exactly as dialed up as it was in America. Twilight fever is still catching on.

Sigh. Kristen’s dress… I love… so much. Whoever’s styling her for these events should work with Taupey Garner. Oh my girl crush deepens. Kristen Stewart is gorgeous. And actually looking slightly more comfortable on the carpet. Sassy even!

As for Rob – as usual, looking stoned or wanting to get stoned. Maybe wanting to get stoned since his parents were probably with him. And of course the now famous hair, dirty and in disarray, and the sideburns are getting out of control, non?

What troubles me the most though about Rob Pattinson is what seems to be an emerging pattern: Is he an open mouth poser? When Jennifer Lopez does it, it’s one thing. She’s Jennifer Lopez. She’s all about white candles and manicures.

Rob Pattinson however is supposed to be a brooding young actor who prefers the company of his guitar over a shower. Robert Pattinson is not supposed to be LipGloss. The open mouth posing then may be a physiological thing.

But seeing him in interviews, he doesn’t seem to be an open mouth breather. So what’s with the open mouth posing? And then when he’s not open mouth posing, he’s closed mouth puckering…

Check him out in this video from the Harry Potter days totally working his open mouth pose:

How do we feel about this?

I’m of two minds.

On the one hand, because he’s so beautiful, it could be kind of hot.

On the other hand, well, he’s open mouth posing. This is never hot.

Perhaps Sienna Miller will find it hot. If he goes out tonight, she will find him. I want her to find him. Somehow Sienna always finds them. Laura is mad at me for saying it but at least it’ll keep him in London, away from LA.

I’m telling you, LA will suck away any cool he has left. LA probably made him an open mouth poser.

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