Over and over again, can’t get enough of Kristen Stewart. Am also all over this dress. Don’t care if it’s similar to every dress she’s worn so far on tour.

Look at her “I’m so weird and awkward and I don’t want to be here” expression. She means it too. I choose to believe she doesn’t know how pretty she is. I like that her hair is greasy. I like that she’s not wearing 5 layers of makeup. I like that she wants to work the artsy angsty self harmy angle but is betrayed by the flush of healthy skin and a good girl sensibility underneath. So far at least.

So here are the Twilight kids in Paris yesterday with the now fired Catherine Hardwicke just after it was announced that she’d been dumped from the sequels. They were not pressed about the issue nor, in France, were there many who were updated on it, or cared for that matter. Not when Robert Pattinson was distracting them with his signature open-mouth staredown and his vampire eyes.

Does he know? If he knows and it’s deliberate, is it a dealbreaker? You’d think a dude who wears the same thing over and over and over, who can’t be bothered to find a blazer with long enough sleeves, you’d think a guy like that wouldn’t be an on purpose open-mouth poser. After all, that’s more of a LipGloss move. And Rob is definitely not LipGloss.

Give him the benefit of the doubt for now. He seems stunned by his success, and spending too much time in LA. I’m telling you, LA sucks the cool away. The boy needs a London fix.

Throwing in a few extras for Emily in Vancouver who is girlcrushing harder than I am on Kristen Stewart. It may be the last you see from her in a while as they wind down their press blitz.

Photos from Wenn.com and Flynetonline.com