Robert Pattinson is in Australia promoting Twilight 5 apparently inspired by The Thinker. I don’t understand who told him this would be a good idea. What was the direction for this shoot?

Robert, feel the wind through your hair as you look out towards the water and reflect on the profundity...

Of what???

This is what a publicist is for. To step and say, no, please stop trying to make my client pose cheesy.

While Pattinson sells in Sydney, a fine-spirited Kristen Stewart arrived in Tokyo and amazingly enough did not look like she’d rather duck under a car than have her picture taken by the paparazzi. She’s actually smiling and waving - it’s almost ebullient where she’s concerned. This of course is just a few days after she and Pattinson were conveniently photographed by the pool at her new home, and that ended a week of Robsten Is Unbroken sightings visually confirming their reconciliation which came, also conveniently, a week after Pattinson was seen in New York innocently talking up a blonde. PopSugar had the world exclusive on the pictures of Pattinson and Stewart being sweet on each other but ended up taking them down on Friday, a full 24 hours after everyone who needed to see them saw them. What can I offer you in this situation? Well, ask anyone whose had some experience with pissing off celebrities and their publicists. The internet works fast. And when they want to complain about something, it takes about an hour, maybe, MAYBE two, for them to get all over you on email and text and phone and wherever they can reach you to either yell or threat or negotiate or offer an exchange. Why Pattinson and Stewart’s people needed an extra 23 hours to assert their influence is... a gossip buffet choice you will have to make for yourself. But remember what’s at play right now, right? A final blockbuster that’s for sale and an actress attempting to recover her career from scandal with the help of her boyfriend. Look Twi-Hards, they’re doing this as a team! It’s Team Work/Love Work! Surely this is something worth hugging yourself over?