I like it that Robert Pattinson is adventurous about his suit colours. This suit looks like it could have been fashioned out of a handbag. And it’s enough. Too much would be a spiked out silly cape, like the Spice Girls video for Say You’ll Be There only without the campy irony.

Pattinson’s green was a nice complement to his girlfriend’s provocative Zuhair Murad, not my favourite designer (see Carrie Underwood, Taylor Swift, and Jennifer Lopez for previous), but I appreciate the effort to not look like Ashley Greene in a tired, unimaginative indistinguishable flowy princessy gown. Stewart’s style statement the last few weeks seems to be that she will not be Safe. I dig it, though I wonder if there’s a solution to the crotch factor of this dress. Stewart has thin legs that don’t touch at the top, see? So when your eye is drawn to that area -- and please, it’s a see-through dress, don’t tell me your eye is not drawn to that area -- the dark space from certain angles looks like a bush. So do you make the lining thicker? Sure but then you lose the effect for the sheerness everywhere else. Maybe it’s a different colour altogether. The nudeness of the material certainly doesn’t help. In black we probably wouldn’t have a problem.

And now they’re done with it. Sort of. Or...is it never?

There will always be a Twi-Hard who wants a hug. And...the Nutty Madam.