All the Twi-Hards went to sleep happy last night because Kristen Stewart arrived back in LA which means she and Robert Pattinson slept in the same bed and all is well in the world. They were still happy when they woke up this morning because today’s the day Stewart, Pattinson, and Lautner will be at Grauman’s for a hand and footprint ceremony immortalising Twilight. Mary Pickford must be very confused.

Anyway, PopSugar will be livestreaming the whole event for those of you who need to the play-by-play of how many times Pattinson looks shyly but intimately at Stewart and she blushes and blinks back hesitantly yet invitingly at the same time.

Here’s Pattinson leaving Kimmel last night and I won’t comment on his pants. Here’s Stewart at LAX and I really love her with dark, thick, long hair that she’s been wearing for Snow White. Are those extensions?