Friday afternoon at MuchMusic – Laura and I were working late, unable to escape the building before MOD where New Moon stars Kellan Lutz and Bronson Pelletier were making an appearance. They’d been lining up all day, and the anticipation only increased over the hours, unleashing itself in the form of earsplitting screams that reverberated throughout the building. Every few seconds, you thought it was the last, and then another wave of high pitched teen angst pierced our Friday afternoon tranquility. By the end of it, Laura and I were neurotic freaks.

Kellan Lutz impressions? He’s very… manicured.

But while Kellan was promoting in Canada, Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson, and Taylor Lautner were still overseas at a Munich fan event on Saturday. Stewart continued to own it several levels above her co-stars, Lautner apparently has never heard of a t-shirt and jeans, and Pattinson keeps trying to hide his pretty. It’s working.

Because these two photos are the most unattractive I’ve ever seen him. Obviously a bad angle, but the slope of that nose…

And those mothering hips too. Especially in his Jake Gyllenhaal jeans.

Two pictures attached of Pattinson arriving back in Los Angeles on Sunday in advance of tonight’s premiere.

See his jeans?

That’s the way Jake Gyllenhaal wears his jeans. This is not a compliment. It’s because Jakey’s ass gets in the way of a good hang. Pattinson has the same ass to hip problem. And while we’re at it, let’s be honest – the wash of those jeans is the lame sh-ts.

By contrast…Kristen Stewart’s airport super steeze proves yet again that she is infinitely cooler than he is.

Photography (Kellan Lutz & Bronson Pelletier) courtesy of MUCHMUSIC
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