Kristen Stewart was seen with St Vincent several times last week while Kristen was promoting Certain Women at the New York Film Festival. As mentioned last week, they’ve been hanging out since at least the end of August which is also the last time Kristen was photographed with Alicia Cargile, who is now her ex-again. Because US Weekly and Page Six are both reporting that Kristen and St Vincent are together.

Around six months ago, Kristen broke things off with Alicia to hook up with Soko. It was intense and it was quick, lasting a month or so, before Kristen went back to Alicia and Soko got kinda hellish. After that, Kristen told ELLE UK that “I’m just really in love with my girlfriend”. That was for the September issue. Also in the September issue, of British VOGUE, Cara Delevingne revealed that, “I’m completely in love”. Cara was talking, obviously, about St Vincent. They split around the time Suicide Squad came out. But they too, like Kristen and Alicia, have been on and off several times.

So now it’s Kristen St Vincent and Cara’s staying at Taylor Swift’s in New York (more on that later). Is it yet another in-between? Do they eventually go back to Alicia and Cara? Or is that it for both? Also, does this mean that it will never be Kristen and Cara? Because imagine the potential for drama between those two?

Also attached – Kristen arriving in Paris earlier this week wearing a green hat. You know what they say about green hats in Chinese culture. According to legend there was a clothing merchant who was in love with another man’s wife. He made her a green hat for her to give to her husband every time he left town. When the merchant saw the man in the green hat, it meant he could go over there and do his thing. This is why you never, ever, ever wear a green hat, or give someone a green hat.