MUCH better. Yesterday I ragged on Kristen Stewart’s poorly fit BAFTA dress and her massage parlour shoes. One day later she hit up the ELLE Style Awards to collect her award for Woman of the Year in a smart strapless Pucci that was the right size. Well done. But I will say I liked it better when she threw on her leather jacket and her hair fell flatter. Wasn’t really feeling the big swirl mostly because her hair is longer now, it extends to her shoulders. So when she elongates off the forehead and from the bottom of her chin, the result is a huge face stretch. Makes her features bigger than they are. She has delicate, beautiful angles. But the illusion with the pouf is exactly the opposite.

See the difference at the end of the event, more confident in her leather jacket, hair smoothed down, SO much cuter. And today at the Burberry show, with her fringe falling loosely into her face... THAT is how you wear it, easily the best of three outings.

My sources tell me exclusively that Stewart’s presence at London Fashion Week is no accident. Anna Wintour is there. They are meeting. Similar to how Wintour was with Rachel McAdams, they are working out the details for Stewart’s ... VOGUE COVER. Should be dropping around the release of Eclipse. There was some discussion and negotiation around the interview – while Vogue is by no means as dishy as, say, Vanity Fair, they are pushing for more substance in addition to the expected style profile. And Stewart has been reluctant to open up personally. Wintour will try to dictate, Stewart will push back. The tension could lead to an awesome collaboration. Keep you posted.

As for those of you asking for commentary on her boyfriend from the BAFTAs and the eradication of the hairstyle that made him famous – if you are a Twi-Hard you should probably stop reading now. Because I think he looks greasy and gross. And not greasy and gross but please still take me now Colin Farrell but greasy and gross with androgynous amoeba boy red cheeks, like some kind cherub rocker hybrid, the product of a love affair between a baby angel and Pete Doherty. I never ever want to write that sentence again. It’s against nature.

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