Vancouver will play Chicago. They go on Friday or Saturday. And this week, some Twilight people will be back in town to tweak Eclipse. Fever city.

This is Kristen Stewart at LAX this afternoon departing with Taylor Lautner (not pictured). Both of them are travelling with personal security. Because them fans, they be crazy. And they’ll be hunting down locations, downtown restaurants, and hotels, maybe they’ll even be another attempted strangling. Oh wait. That’s New York. This is Vancouver. There are no old freaky ladies in Vancouver? Debatable.

The official party line is that they will not be working on any meadow scenes. Curiously enough however, the meadow permit has been secured and chill your asses on the safety issue. There is no public access to the meadow. No trespassers will trespass. Or... perhaps it’s just a decoy then. After all, a studio never lies. Never, never, never.

As for the content – here’s some good news Twi-Hards: there’s some noise distortion that needs to be fixed in the meadow. So while they’re at it, they can make some other improvements too.

More details to follow later this week. Goddamn this girl has a great face. Look at this face.

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