Seen at Narita Airport in Japan today catching a flight. She’s been in Japan shooting Equals for a few weeks now. I’m posting these photos because there was a conjuring. Check this email I just received from Brigitte:

“After seeing the new pictures of Liam Hemsworth, I need Gossip Genie to work its magic and get us a Liam and Kristen Stewart hook up.  Because that would be HOT.  She has not been attached to anyone in over a year and he had a few hook ups after Miley but nothing recently.  When she gets back from filming equals, this needs to happen.” 

Um. I’ve been trying. For over a year I’ve been trying. Click here and here and here to see a few of my previous tries. Because, YES, they’d be hot. Like all kinds of wall-slamming dirty sex hot.

Anyway, after reading Brigitte’s email, these new pictures of Stewart just showed up. So…

Gossip Genie, go to work.