Kristen Stewart was photographed at lunch today in New York at Sarabeth’s in Tribeca. Lobster roll! I hope she had the lobster roll. Heads up Twi-Hards, when you go there, because I know you will, because she just did, get the lobster roll.

Stewart is supposed to be on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart tonight. Jon was hilarious with Robert Pattinson three weeks after the cheating pictures were released. It’s been a while, yes, since all that went down but... I mean... this is not Jay Leno. It’s not like you can dictate to Jon Stewart what he can and can’t talk about. And it’s not like he wouldn’t go there anyway, if he wants to, and in a really smart, really funny way. What Jon Stewart does for a guest though is that if you can roll with him and play, he’ll make you look good, very good. Pattinson looked great after that appearance. Hopefully Kristen Stewart will be the same.

Love the red docs.