Have been receiving messages all day from people like Michelle D:

So, there have been two separate events with two separate dresses and no comments on the K-Steeze? I am now addicted to your wardrobe review, so I have to know! What did you think of Kristen Stewart's dresses...on Fallon then at the NY premiere for the Runaways? Michelle

Thanks Michelle.

Re: Kristen Stewart on Fallon - I didn’t watch so I can’t say. As for last night at the NY premiere of The Runaways, well, it was crazy gorgessity from one side, and a poor fit from the other side, how about that?

Here’s the thing with photos and photo agencies: they take thousands of frames of their subjects and what’s actually printed is only a fraction. It’s too labour and cost intensive to post each one. Which is why sometimes, if you don’t have access to the databases, you can’t see a dress from every angle, from every side. What you end up seeing are only the shots that are selected by magazines and blogs/websites at their discretion and more often than not, those are only the most flattering. But is it a true 360 degree representation?

Stewart’s makeup was flawless. Her makeup has been flawless the entire press tour. Her lips, she looked so great in pink lips. Her legs are fantastic, and her dress, from her right side was totally hot. Amazing hot. From her left side however... well... you take a look for yourself. And these are compiled from several sources, several photographers. It’s not flattering, is it? I asked Jacek to edit some of these for me and his verdict was that she was indeed terrific from her right, but of those shots from her left, was that she looked like a trailer park mom with a skinny ass and stick legs, but a huge gut hanging over her pants, a ciggie in one hand and a beer in another. Right?

Kristen Stewart, she can wear almost everything. And we expect the best from those we think can be perfect. Remember that Twi-Hards before you start hating.

Hair? All over the hair. From the front. LOVE. Am not sure why they went with the wedding twist at the back though. We can do better. Shoes too.

Having said that – hey girls, pump your fists and go see The Runaways tomorrow. Go see it and NOT The Bounty Hunter.

Photos from Bauergriffinonline.com and Jennifer Mitchell/Johns PkI/Splashnewsonline.com and Stephen Lovekin/Gettyimages.com