Jacek and I were going back and forth on getting stills or a GIF of KStew in the audience, and ultimately decided on stills, because, he assured me, “you’ll still get all the grease in that shot”.

And she is!  Somehow, she is greasy!  It’s not that her hair isn’t clean and I’m sure she smells gorgeous – it’s that she, herself, somehow exudes greasiness or eyerolliness or something. I wish it weren’t true!

I wonder if she would feel better about it, less angsty and like she shouldn’t be there, if she were there for a project? Maybe it would feel worth it to force herself into a crackly-looking dress (which I didn’t mind, overall) and stand on her injured leg and be there if she thought she had a reason? 

Also, potentially, if she had a buddy in the room.  I’m done with seeing Stewart miserable and I sure as hell don’t think she “deserves” to be or anything, but this is where I think she really falls down – I can’t think of anyone in that room who would qualify as a good friend for Kristen.  Eddie Redmayne (whom I keep spelling as “Eddie Redmaybe”)? Could he joke and jolly her into enjoying her night, in spite of herself?