Kristen Stewart showed up in Paris today at the Zuhair Murad show, a designer I wish she wouldn't wear with so much frequency. Leave that sh-t to JLO.

Here she is, in lace pants and a faux-skrillex, on her way into the presentation. I like the vamp. Stewart seems to be enjoying her time there, and gamely playing along with the fashion people. It's an essential component of movie stardom now.

Scandal Twi-Hards were featured in the previous article about Kerry Washington’s marriage, but the original Twi-Hard will always be our favourite. Riley Keough wanted to make it very clear yesterday that she was not the girl in the car with Robert Pattinson earlier this week. This has given Twi-Hards new hope that perhaps…#Robsten may not be broken after all? In celebration of Independence Day, I thought you might enjoy two emails I received yesterday from ardent fans, dedicating their lives to the survival of the most important relationship in history.

From Tulip:
Can you give us an update on Robsten? We know it's not Riley for sure now & that leaves Kristen definitely!!!! Are paps hiding other pics of them? Are they back together? She's wearing a new ring so I think he might have proposed to her finally!!!!!!!! comparing her face. Great to see them together in that truck

From Hatersnonothing:
How could you say that twihards scared Riley off?! She had nothing to worry about - it's Kristen in the truck. This stupid bullsh-t narrative of a breakup has been pushed by these stupid paparazzi and tabloids.  Robsten is still together. They will grow old together. She wore his old sweatshirt on a plane when she returned from her road trip. She has a new ring. No one wears their ex boyfriems's clothes after a breakup. We trust you- can you let all the haters know now? For now is over & was never a problem. They're together

“They will grow old together”, you hear?  You hear?