Twilight Bitchface!

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See? And you know I love her for it!

Kristen has been promoting Adventureland. Promotion means junkets. Junkets consist of outlet after outlet filing in for 5 minute sessions asking questions about the movie to air on their respective programs. It's supposed to look like a real conversation in the most contrived of circumstances. There's literally a man with a stopwatch timing the journalist.

The point?

Making sure YOU want to see THEIR project. It's all for THEM.

So you would think, you would think they'd do their best to make a positive impression, right? Right?

Not always.

Oftentimes they suck sh-t. Oftentimes they're bored. Sometimes they can't be bothered to answer the same questions over and over again. And I get it. Totally. I’m sure it’s boring.

But it’s a few days in an otherwise privileged life. Suck it up.

The problem though is that many choose not to call these bitches out on their assness because the publicists end up punishing the outlets for it later. If they have to work with them on an upcoming press tour, and it’s a particularly high profile vehicle with high profile celebrities, they risk losing out on that opportunity as payback for telling the truth about their clients. This is why producers can’t take the risk. This is also why the MTV Aftershow rocks.

Full disclosure: the Aftershow is produced by MTV Canada starring Jessi Cruickshank and Dan Levy. Dan is a friend of mine. We all work together. But objectivity, or lack thereof, has nothing to do with why I love what happened the other day.

Jessi was sent on the Adventureland junket. She interviewed KStew and her costar and right now I’m too rushed to google his name, sorry. It’s been a f-cked up morning and I lost 2 hours in a screening and you want more posts so apologies to you, Mr Young Actor, if I can’t be bothered to look you up. This article isn’t about you.

It’s about Kristen Stewart’s bitchface.

As you can see from the clip –she’s not feeling Jessi’s questions. Which are very standard questions. They play a couple. They kiss. Kissing is part of acting. It’s part of the process. Doesn’t she want to talk about the process?

Evidently not. Instead, all she does it scowl. Amazing.

Jessi bravely moves forward. She decides – well, if I’m going down, I may as well go down hard. And so she brings up Robert Pattinson and Twilight. We already know KStew isn’t exactly in love with Twilight. And Jessi dared to remind her of Twilight. Another bitchface is delivered.

Back to Jessi and Dan. Dan decides to go off. And he’s allowed to. He doesn’t hold back. He is not at the mercy of any potential future threats. Instead, he says what you want to hear. He says what you are thinking:

That Kristen Stewart is ungrateful, rude, inconsiderate, and spoiled.

This doesn’t happen enough. But it happens on the Aftershow.

Love, love, LOVE the Aftershow.

As for Kristen? You know how I feel about bitches. Bitches are my favourite.

Kristen Stewart the Aftershow

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