Kristen Stewart covers the June issue of UK Harper’s Bazaar. She’s wearing Chanel. It’s exquisite, this outfit, but it looks heavy. And stressful. For a photo shoot, fine. No one is comfortable on a photo shoot. But imagine bopping around in this? Can’t be relaxing.

Excerpts from the article will be released later this week (and I’ll write about it then) but the exclusive promise is as follows:

Kristen Stewart on Sexuality, Sexism, and her search for Serenity

Easy with the alliteration there. There’s more alliteration in the brief preview:

Kristen Stewart has made the transition from teenage Twilight star to a sophisticated award-winning actress, while negotiating the sexism and savagery of Hollywood. But she's also learning to enjoy being herself at last, well away from the cameras and the red carpet.

Now I’m wondering whether or not she actually talked about all that or if they just wanted to get out all those “s” sounds. But it is indeed a good tease. Kristen Stewart is “loving life”. I believe her. It was the same, I remember, with Keira Knightley pre-25. Existential angst was the neutral position, Nietzsche on repeat. She outgrew it. And, away from the oppressive glare of the Twilight era, Stewart seems to be as well.