This one’s for you Em.

Twi-hards are apparently losing their sh-t over Kristen Stewart’s hair. Cut. 80s banger chick styles. To play Joan Jett.

I’m not f-cking crazy so am not sure why the panic but since Kristen is their “Bella Swan”, am assuming they’re freaking out because she no longer looks like their fan fiction heroine…


Joan Jett is badass. Being chosen to play Joan Jett is infinitely more badass than Bella Swan.

Joan Jett started her own record label – the first female artist to do so.

Bella Swan spends most of her days crying herself to sleep, or being dazzled, or getting carried around by practically every character in the Twilight series, and eavesdropping on people to feel validated

It’s not even a conversation.

So yeah, this haircut totally rocks. Much love and admiration to Kristen Stewart for doing it the real way instead of a wig. Save that weave for Bella. Where it belongs.

Photos from Clint Brewer / and CHRIS/GVK/