Taking style risks is one thing, and although many people hated her sheer dress choice the other day at the LA premiere of Twilight 5, it was fitted to her body type and there was just enough edge and cool to make it a Kristen Stewart fashionable moment. This however...

Here’s Stewart in London once again in Zuhair Murad with a sudden case of the JLOs.

Greasy hair and leather jackets, studs and sneakers at the same steezy time, this is Kristen Stewart. Tacky-mixing lace and sequins, this is Jennifer Lopez. There’s a reason the two should never trade -- because it’s not suited to the individual.

You know who this is well suited to though?

My ma.

The Chinese Squawking Chicken. Aging Hong Kong ladies love sparkly lacy clothes that straddle Country Music and Las Vegas.

My ma just dressed Kristen Stewart.

Can’t call that a style win, sorry.

Perhaps that’s why Stewart looked like she’s wearing someone else’s entire outfit on her way out of the premiere. That jacket is way too big. And I’ve a feeling those pants are his.