Kristen Stewart and Dakota Fanning continuing to shoot The Runaways in LA yesterday. Amazing what unsuitable style can do to a person. Kristen was made for the 70s look. But it ages Dakota 20 years.

As you can see, there’s a bright green water gun tucked into Kristen’s leather pants. Consider this before you go on the sweat attack please.

Focus instead on the eyes. LOVE the eye makeup. Love it so much I’m asking Val for it on the show today if she can make it work with an eye ridge. There’s a much better shot of the eye shadow in the photos of Dakota. Without the eye ridge on me the shadow looks ridiculous. It’s an Asian makeup mistake.

Many makeup artists are ignorant about Asian eyes. They take the strong shadows too high, with fake angles, right up to the brow, with the same technique for white people. It’s garish at best, f-cking hideous at worst.

Anyway, I digress.

We were talking about Runaway Eyes. And they’re gorgeous.

Kristen is expected to be at Comic-Con today where Twilight New Moon will be featured at the convention. Apparently Twi-Hards have taken over in San Diego. Received an email from a True Blood fan who is currently fearing for her life. Yes…be careful. Twi-Hards can become violent. They are especially amped because they believe that Bella and Edward will be reuniting after an angsty work separation.

Carrie from Toronto is especially eager:

What’s up u c-nt? Rob + Kris will b at Comic con together so u won’t be able to deny their love anymore, is that why ure ignoring them? u can hate Robsten all you want but that doesn’t change anything because when they c each other everything else will fall away. Lol maybe it was a bad idea to bring them they won’t be able to keep there hands off each other! LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL

And again, for those of you who keep thinking it’s the teens who are bringing the crazy, the worst ones are the adults. Trust. Stephenie Meyer activates the freak gene.

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