“Nice try with all your Jennifer Lawrence hype lately Lamey but she’s not winning an Oscar, Bwhahahahahahahahhaha. Kristen should be nominated for On The Road and she’ll get one before JLaw even when bitches like you hold her back, can’t keep this down!”

These are the kinds of messages I’ve been receiving via email and Twitter. Apparently it’s a peculiar strand of Kristen Stewart fan increasingly pissy about all the attention Jennifer Lawrence is receiving for her performance in Silver Linings Playbook. Some of them aren’t so overt. Some of them are just like, “really? You think Jen Lawrence has a good body?”, and some of them don’t actually write anything, they just send links to articles about how even though Lawrence is the frontrunner for Best Actress, she won’t win because X is making a surge, and Y will build momentum through January.

It’s fascinating to me, this fan behaviour. That they’ve convinced themselves that in order to truly support Stewart, she has to be their One And Only.

You can’t like both.

You have to choose.

You must actively hope to see the other fail.

This, women, is who we are now, congratulations.

Attached - Jennifer Lawrence shooting Catching Fire in Hawaii and Kristen Stewart arriving at LAX with Robert Pattinson yesterday after spending the holiday in the UK and NYC.