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PUNKD Images photographed Kristen Stewart at Vancouver airport THIS MORNING headed for Los Angeles, a quick trip home with her manager. She looks cute. And sleepy. She was on set for Eclipse in Vancouver until midnight last night. And if my hair was cut like that and shoved into a little tail my name would be Hideous Freak. But the only thing Kristen Stewart can’t work is a busted ass Summit wig. When it comes to her own hair, it’s always good.

So what’s the purpose of Stewart’s visit? There has been speculation for days that she’ll make a surprise appearance at the taping of the Scream Awards alongside Taylor Lautner tonight (air date is in a couple weeks). Gossip Cop however has repeatedly refuted these rumours as publicists for the Scream Awards insist that the reports of Kristen attending are not true.

Remember, publicists NEVER lie. Ask Lindsay Lohan’s. And, for that matter, Jennifer Aniston’s. And the list goes on, and on, and on.

Maybe the reps for Scream are more honest?

Sources in Vancouver say that the Scream Awards is where she’s headed…

Still… Gossip Cop is adamant that she’s not going. I don’t want them attacking me. So let’s officially stick with their version.

Whatever the reason she’s in LA, it won’t be for long. Kristen is scheduled to work on Monday. As for what she’s been working on this week, it’s primarily been scenes in studio. The first few days were “tent interiors” with Taylor Lautner and Robert Pattinson as “Jacob” and “Edward” gushing all over her which, if I recall correctly, has to be one of the worst chapters ever written by Stephenie Meyer, and this is quite the self trump.

How much do they love her?

Well, let’s tell her but not tell her.

She’s asleep but she can hear!

Pure vanity dumbass.

Anyway, after the tent scenes were completed, they continued to shoot the same location but this time with Xavier Samuel. “Riley” and “Victoria” show up. And then of course “Bella” is the ultimate hero because she cuts herself and the good guys triumph. Apparently they filmed alongside some kind of wolf suit.

This Special Saturday edition of Twilight for the Twi-Hard is for Emily H’s birthday party tonight. Will try to make it to Lick after midnight. Text you later.


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