Sasha just emailed me. The title of the message was “you win. you officially win.”

And in the body she pasted a photo of Kristen Stewart in Marchesa tonight at the London premiere of Snow White And The Huntsman. Marchesa made like one nice dress 4 years ago. And ever since then Sasha’s been holding out that it’s not as bad as I hate it to be.

Now even Sasha has conceded.

Because Marchesa is SH-T. As I said last week, Marchesa is the Justin Timberlake of designer labels. A giant style hoax being forced upon us. Look at it? What is it? And why is it happening to Kristen Stewart?

Even more embarrassing for Marchesa is that it’s been juxtaposed with Charlize Theron in Dior. That, right there, is everything. It’s hick town vs Paris. It’s amateur hour vs Pro Master. And it’s a goddamn shame Kristen Stewart’s stylist made this mistake on this particular night. The Evil Queen wins on this particular night.

I’m actually really sad about it. Having interviewed Stewart, wearing a bomb ass red leather jacket with matching red kicks, and the kind of naturally wavy hair Asians dream about all their lives, this weekend on the junket, I was looking forward to a serious of fashion porny appearances from her during this press tour, and also in Cannes.


Is not exactly what I had in mind.

Especially since we’re working with almost the ideal. She’s lean, she has a great ass - I walked behind her in her jeans from her trailer - a surprisingly sexy gait, and of course that face. In person Stewart is thrillingly goodlooking. Like, really, really, really beautiful. In the movie it’s almost ...too much. There are times - maybe too many times - when the camera lingers on her face because “she’s the one” and, well, it’s a face that’s too good for Marchesa, I’ll say that.

By the way, for you Stewart critics, she doesn’t bite her lip NOT EVEN ONCE during the entire movie. I’ll save the rest for my review.

PS. Charlize had her baby with her at the junket. He was wearing a onesie with little ears. She was wearing jeans, riding boots, and a blue blazer like no one should ever attempt the same again unless they want to be embarrassed.