But first she’ll hit her up for some cash money. Because that’s how it works, you know that by now, don’t you?

When you hang out with Lindsay Lohan, she will hit you up for cash money. Her latest target is apparently Kristen Stewart who isn’t unfamiliar with being hit up for cash money these days. Oh but Lohan’s probably been sniffing around there for a long time now. According to Page Six somehow someone let her in. Apparently Lohan was invited to Stewart’s through a mutual friend last week to hang out with Robert Pattinson and the two girls “found they had a lot in common: “Lindsay and Kristen discussed their careers, creative ideas and how they deal with living under the focus of the media and the paparazzi.”

If true? That’s a really, really dumb decision. It might even be a dumber decision than hooking up with Rupert Sanders. Because that sh-t will not leave you alone. That sh-t will find a way to let people know -- thank you Page Six “source” -- and even if you realise and cut her off, it may be too late. She may have iPhoned a photo that she can sell, or even a video, or ...

Has Kristen Stewart checked her jewellery drawer? Lohan doesn’t usually leave a home without lifting a ring or a necklace. This is her idea of being a good guest, like inviting her comes with an implied understanding that if you don’t lock up your belongings or secure them elsewhere, she has a right to leave with whatever she wants tucked inside her handbag. 

I used to say it of Ebola Paris Hilton -- a virus you cannot fix or kill. The same now applies to Lindsay Lohan. You associate with it, just once, just in passing, and the consequences can be SEVERE. Example?

Last month Ashley Greene was caught with Lohan at an event in New York. Click here for a refresher. Um, Ashley Greene’s home just burned down. Coincidence or conspiracy?

If I’m a Kristen Stewart super-fan, I’m hoping for a swift denial. You remember how I totally disagreed with her ridiculous public apology following the cheating incident last summer? Now’s the time to come out with an all caps, in bold, written statement categorically denying ANY involvement with that loser Lindsay Lohan. No good can come from being connected to Lindsay Lohan and if you have been connected to her erroneously, you need to shut that down immediately. Distance immediately.

Attached -- Lohan en route to Brazil where she’ll be paid a hundred thousand dollars for, ahem, her usual services.