If you hate women (and who doesn’t, really?) then you’ll be shocked to learn today that, despite both being confirmed females, Kristen Stewart and Jennifer Lawrence don’t hate each other at all. Not even a little bit. In FACT (well not “fact” but according to US Weekly), the fictional feud (perpetuated by KStew fanhards) that was meant to turn them into Hollywood’s biggest enemies since Ange and Jen/T.R. Knight and Isaiah Washington/Sean Young and reality, etc., actually inspired them to get in touch and now they’re besties!

Kidding aside, I don’t think we need to be too hard on ourselves for falling for this one, which I totally did. The appeal of an ongoing grudge between Katniss and Bella is pretty undeniable. After a few years of watching KS struggle in the spotlight, it was a relief to see JL’s seemingly effortless poise under the pressure of holding up the next YA film franchise and presented an easy narrative to contrive.

What’s coming out today though is that, at the peak of reporting on their cold war, Jennifer emailed Kristen to break the ice. SO on Oscar night when Jennifer won, instead of lighting herself on fire in jealousy, Kristen was freaking out with joy and whooping and throwing diamonds in the air or whatever you do when you’re super rich and your super rich best friend wins an Oscar.

So now instead of the feud stories, which always kind of reeked too much of Lindsay VS Hilary, we’ll get gossip about their wild girl time, which reeks just enough of Drew and Cameron in their Charlie’s Angels days! The story also references a deep hang that took place between Jennifer, Kristen and Emma Watson during TIFF 2012 at Soho House. Imagine these three are the faces of that relaunched franchise?!

(Lainey: this is genius, Dean. And it has now been moved up on the Gossip Genie request list.)