Kristen Stewart left Vancouver early this morning, packing up all her sh-t, gone for good having wrapped all shooting requirements in Canada. There’s still a little more work to be done though. This a little later.

It’s been a busy week of flying for Stewart so far. On Saturday night she flew to New York with boyfriend Robert Pattinson to support him at his premiere for Water For Elephants on Sunday. She did not walk the carpet. The two however were caught getting kissy while leaving. So... go see Water For Elephants!

On Monday she was expected back on set in Vancouver where she worked until yesterday and, as you can see, is heading out for a little break before my sources tell me exclusively she’ll work on reshoots in the Virgin Islands where she and Robert Pattinson are expected to polish a few honeymoon scenes before finally closing production on a franchise that has dominated their lives for 3 years.

Exclusive images from PUNKD Images