Kristen Stewart is in Paris. Paris Fashion Week doesn’t happen until later this month but she dropped by Karl Lagerfeld’s studio today. Stewart is the face of Chanel’s upcoming campaign and those images are expected in May.

Benefits on top of cash? Loading up on Chanel, double bagging and wearing a sweatshirt that seems made specifically for her. Well there’s a convenient photo opportunity. You see? The paps can be useful. After all, Stewart’s carrying both a chain strap backpack and a standard shoulder bag. Casual, upscale, grungy, sophisticated, and travel – there’s a Chanel for everyone… if you can afford it.

I like this look on her. Not just the aesthetic but the attitude. This is how you play. This is the game. Sign a major campaign, take the free sh-t, get your picture taken, and assume your front row seat.