That Marchesa she wore at the London premiere of Snow White And The Huntsman was horsesh-t. Click here if you need a reminder and want to shudder. But I wondered at the time if she was saving her load for her first splash at Cannes.

Check out Stewart at the On The Road photo call today in Balenciaga pants.

I mean...

THIS is what this girl can do with original, inspired clothing. Kristen Stewart has all the physical attributes. THESE are the kinds of pieces that do her justice.

As for On The Road, as noted earlier, though I have some issues with the film itself, the performances were outstanding, all of them. For most of the young actors, On The Road features their best work to date. Tom Sturridge is incredible as Carlo Marx/Allen Ginsberg, at once vulnerable and light, cheeky but unforgiving. He was mesmerising every time he came on. I really wish they’d give him more chances. Because there’s a lot of raw talent here that we’re missing out on. Sam Riley was strong too, overshadowed perhaps by Garrett Hedlund (we’ll get to him later), but more than adequate in his role (although I was too distracted by how much he looks like a cross between Pete Doherty and Chris Noth). And then there’s the fearless Stewart in her finest and most aggressive effort, throwing down a very impressive challenge to some of her peers, almost as though she was toying with them before - what Twilight? I just didn’t feel like showing you my arsenal before, but now that I have...aren’t you afraid?

In On The Road Stewart’s MaryLou is angry, sexy, innocent, corrupt, and very tangible all at the same time. Hers is a challenging energy that confronts you during every scene. I’ve never believed her so much as a character. Recently it’s her work in the upcoming Snow White And The Huntsman that’s been getting the most attention as a showcase for her abilities beyond Twilight. Stewart was good ok in Snow White. But she is magnificent in On The Road. Wait for it.