Kristen Stewart and her girlfriend Soko were in LA for Easter Weekend. They’ve been papped consistently the last couple of weeks and definitely not running for cover in the presence of photographers. In fact, this is the most open Kristen’s been in a relationship. When she was with Robert Pattinson it was practically dumpster-diving every time. With Alicia Cargile, there was less of an escape impulse but it certainly wasn’t what we’re seeing with Soko – holding hands, in the street kissing, and now… thumbsucking?

Check it out. At one point, Kristen’s inside the car talking to Soko by the window. Then, I don’t know, maybe she’s feeding her something? Because Soko’s now sucking on Kristen’s thumb. Which, I mean, we all remember what it’s like at the beginning of a relationship. Anything and everything becomes erotic. Anything and everything becomes an excuse to make out.

Waiting for pizza? Make out.

Shopping in the batteries aisle? Make out.

Stopped at a traffic light? Make out.

Kristen and Soko’s inability to stop making out seems, from Photo Assumption alone, seems a lot more intense than we saw from her previous romances. Does intensity = drama?