Dior Homme’s Robert Pattinson campaign release has been an exercise in masturbatory extension. If you build it up that much, with so many teasers to teasers and teasers for trailers, it better be amazing. Is it? The short film will be released on Sunday. At this point though, unless you’re a Twi-Hard, I feel like you stopped caring 3 weeks ago, maybe more. It’s doubtful that Pattinson would have had anything to do with the strategy of such an exhaustive roll-out though. Is he the type to be embarrassed by it or do you think there’s a part of Justin Timberlake in Robert Pattinson after all.

While Pattinson’s slow jerk has lasted half the summer, Kristen Stewart’s latest fragrance reveal has been the exact opposite. No warning whatsoever and check it out, her latest ad for Balenciaga Florabotanica, just dropped on us, no advance necessary. The casual way it’s been executed like this, almost as though it’s a shrug, or an afterthought, makes the opposite seem overly indulgent, non? And she looks great. Much better styling than last time.

Also attached – Stewart in Berlin yesterday working on a new film.