This one is for Emily … because it’s been a while.

My girlcrush and Emily’s life crush Kristen Stewart at Sundance today. She’s there to promote Adventureland – teen comedy about first summer love but before you dismiss it, four reasons why you might want to reconsider:

- Directed by the same dude who helmed Superbad
- Takes place in the 80s
- Kristin Wiig is in it
- Won’t make you hate yourself the way Twilight did

Looks adorable. Can’t wait to see it.

Adventureland trailer:

Anyway, here’s Kirsten all I’m-so-gorgeous-even-though-I-never-try-to-be-because-it’s-not-important-I-way-prefer-being-smart-and-arty walking around on Main Street today enjoying promoting something not Twilight-related for a change. But not for long.

Less than 8 weeks til shooting begins in Vancouver. And earlier than that for wardrobe meetings.

Emily…she’ll be just blocks away. How will you restrain yourself?

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