Kristen Stewart was caught the other day smoking out of a suspicious looking pipe with her boyfriend a few days ago. Robert Pattinson has been celebrating Twilight’s box office domination on the LA party scene, hanging out at the Marmont on Monday and last night heading to the Standard after dinner. Like any 22 year old in his down time, he looks like he enjoys his drink.

Nothing particularly scandalous but if these two were Disney properties, it’d be a whole different story. They’d be taking photos with Mickey for the rest of the week.

As it happens, the sudden popularity of Kristen and, to a larger extent Robert, is not predicated on wholesome goodness. Twilight is a teen franchise, of course, but strangely enough its stars are not expected to be virgins.

Quite the opposite actually.

As you know, I LOVE the bitch in Kristen Stewart. And I like the fact that Rob doesn’t look like he showers or owns more than 2 shirts. I do wish however that he’d leave LA and go back to London and resume his partying there. There’s no edge in LA. LA is so… contrived. And sooner or later in LA, Lindsay Lohan will come calling and my sources say Paris Hilton is trying to get an introduction and a photo op.

Needless to say, the last thing Twilight needs is an Ebola infection. The last thing a hot young brooding star needs is a black hole vagina all over his greasy head especially since the sequel New Moon has already been greenlit and now it’s been confirmed that Twilight director Catherine Hardwicke is on board too.


It will never die. And I will never stop caring. Or hating myself for it.

Vampires live forever. F*CK.

See more of Kristen smoking here.

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