Kristen Stewart showed up at the On The Road screening in New York last night in a lot of leather and black eyeliner. Once again, an intentionally “unpretty” look. It’s their sartorial thesis for her, I guess: Kristen Stewart style, punk as f-ck. Some people could never manage - ahem, Ashley Greene - and some have the potential. I prefer seeing Stewart in experimental makeup than in a ball gown. And I prefer hearing about her talk about her dogs than trying to articulate her thoughts on, oh you know, a fragrance she’s being paid to promote. So, like, her job.

Stewart was on Live! With Kelly & Michael yesterday and was asked about puppy Bernie, recently adopted:

"(Bernie) was very emotionally manipulative. She really milked it. Then I got her home, and she was like, 'I have arrived.' She was very comfortable instantly taking (our other dog) Bear's stuff. I was like, 'You need to slow your roll, girl. You need to watch it!'"

Yes. That’s how they f-ck you, see?

That’s how my Barney f-cked us. We’d go visit him at the breeder’s and he’d be all docile and clumsy and sweet. And then suddenly at 8 weeks he’s allowed to come home with us and within 2 days we’ve renamed him Satan. What happened to that gentle, sweet baby? If this gives you any idea, here is in the schoolyard today double-teaming another dog.

Stewart’s boyfriend Robert Pattinson was also in New York yesterday. These shots were taken outside The Today Show. He’s wearing a beautiful quilted jumper underneath his suit jacket. It’s a great look on him. And certainly an improvement on this.

By the way, Pattinson is old friends with Eddie Redmayne and Redmayne worked with Stewart on a movie called The Yellow Handkerchief.

Redmayne’s next film?

Oh My God.

It’s my favourite movie of year, Les Miserables.

“And yet with you my world has started!”