My latest favourite bitch Kristen Stewart has just signed to play the title role in a Joan Jett biopic.


It’ll be a nice change of pace for Kristen especially since she’s to endure more Bella Swan in the sequel to Twilight which should start shooting within 6 months. Even though Kristen’s Bella is infinitely superior to Stephenie Meyer’s own creation, the character does spend the entire 2nd book New Moon crying and fainting and collapsing on the beach under a cloud of heartbreak. Ugh.

As such, balancing the cheese of sparkling vampires with the prestige and uber cool factor of Joan Jett has to be a huge ego boost for young, crusty, arty Kristen. Maybe even enough to put a smile on her face.


What puts a smile on my face?

Apparently Lindsay Lohan was hoping for the part.

Ha. Ha. Hee!

Here’s Kristen the other day picking up some salad lunch with her bestie Nikki Reed. Kristen is currently in London to kick off the European leg of Twilight promotion. She brought her boyfriend along with her so she wouldn’t be tempted to get all real lovey with Robert Pattinson. Boo.

Also – a clip of Kristen singing from Into the Wild. Gorgeous.

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