Robert Pattinson was in Toronto last night shooting until 5am. When he finished he spent several minutes signing autographs for the lady fans who’d been waiting for him. Until 5am.

People keep thinking it’s kids who pull this kind of crazy. Look at them. These are not kids. These are grown. Some of them are VERY grown. And they... don’t have jobs? I woke up at 5am today. Had to write the open, then drop by the hospital for my mother’s morning business, then in the makeup chair by 7:30am for morning news, then two more news hits by 9am, then writing more for the blog, then shooting, then a lunch meeting, them more shooting followed by an interview, then more blogging, then CP24 news hits at 4:20pm and 5:50pm and then back to the hospital. You would have done the same, maybe squeezed in a workout, or managed your children, the carpool, had an early meeting, edited a final draft of a proposal, a conference call, groceries, organised the weekend schedule for the kids with your ex, or punched in for the overnight shift at the call centre, weeded the front lawn, finished up that novel for book club...

I mean, people are busy! Most people, that is.

I just...

Want to know if a 20 second, if that, interaction is worth standing around for hours only to have him forget you as soon as he gets in his car. When you’re not 14 anymore. Especially when his girlfriend is waiting for him at home.

Kristen Stewart was spotted visiting Pattinson on set last night too. She apparently brought the dog along. So I guess that answers all your questions, emails I keep getting, if the two are still together. Yes. And they will be at Comic-Con too. That will be the day Dylan and I get trampled in San Diego.

Photos from S Fernandez/