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You have to have a great face to pull off this hair. She suits the hair, totally. But this hair on a lesser face would be disastrous. It’s a testament to how f-cking pretty she is that she can work her face while working this hair.

These are new photos of Kristen Stewart shopping with Elizabeth Reaser and Nikki Reed and her Ebola infected by association boyfriend Paris Latsis. Looks like Stewart bought something at Spank, a very reasonably priced local clothing store chain with 3 locations – Commercial Drive, 4th Avenue, and Granville. Twi-Hards, click here for Spank’s website. The upside to your crazy is that you are good for our city business.

Many of you have written to ask about why Nikki Reed and Elizabeth Reaser hang out so much…

Am told that one of the reasons is that Elizabeth is one of the only cast members who doesn’t smoke. Nikki quit recently. As someone who’s has a sick twisted love affair with cigarettes for 20 years, I can tell you trying to cut it when everyone around you is doing it is a f-cking evil bitch.

Also attached – photos of Christian Serratos and Michael Welch with his girlfriend also out for some shopping. I need to stop looking at Christian Serratos. It’s terrible for the self esteem.

Finally, Bryce Dallas Howard, big smiles, walking with her Starbucks to go.

After a slow week that saw several pap teams vacate Vancouver, there is now a renewed presence in the city as the agencies have once again dispatched their shooters to be in town for the weekend shows. Jackson Rathbone’s band plays in a few days, Bobby Long, a friend of Robert Pattinson, performed on Monday, and since the cast has been shooting in studio so often, social outing photos are now the prime target for photogs and fans alike.

More on Jackson Rathbone coming up. And also a few details on filming.

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