Kristen Stewart was named the BAFTA Rising Star. Not surprising. It is the only award that’s voted by the fans. And you know the Twilight Nation. When it comes to this sh-t, they’ll break the internet to get the result they want. In most fan vote cases, what should happen and what actually does happen is often incongruous. In this case though, our worlds are aligned. Kristen Stewart has the promise and the talent to capture the spirit of the award. Besides, Carey Mulligan won Best Actress…so it’s not like she robbed her. It’s all good.

The styling however… and this breaks my heart because you know I love her… the styling is not good. The styling is for sh-t. This dress is the wrong size. It’s too big. It’s bunching at the waist. It’s giving her some imaginary sag around the midsection that is terribly unflattering. The fact that she slouches is making it worse. The slouch however could be attributed to her confidence level. She probably knows it’s not working. And it’s too late to do anything about it either.

Also… her shoes. Designer shoes that could be flea market finds. You know those bitches who dance on tables in Vegas? They are wearing these shoes. Skank shoes. Totally wrong.

Having said that, I was utterly charmed by her speech. Yeah, she’s still that awkward girl in the spotlight. But at least she wasn’t that awkward girl who made it all about her art. She graciously acknowledged that it was a FAN driven accomplishment without belittling the importance of the honour. THAT requires some tact, some finesse, and some authenticity. Any other raging Hollywood twat would have managed to turn the Rising Star Award into a f-cking Oscar without credit to anyone else.

Stewart’s praise for her fellow nominees was also well done. Favourites are subjective, and you may not be a fan. I get it. You may understand the hype. That could apply to most of the fresh actresses we’re seeing right now. At the very least however, where Kristen Stewart is concerned, while she may have an attitude problem with the press, and a smirk on her face in photos, and bites her lip too much, she has always been deferential to her peers, displaying the humility and reverence appropriate for someone so young in an industry filled with artists who are more experienced, who’ve worked harder, and who ultimately know more. You cannot say the same for most of her contemporaries.

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