The benefits of brand repping

Lainey Posted by Lainey at February 24, 2012 19:31:29 February 24, 2012 19:31:29

Imagine being able to just walk into Balenciaga and pick up a dress for tonight? No payment required. That might actually be a better perk than the cash money.

Check out Kristen Stewart leaving Balenciaga in West Hollywood yesterday. Stewart is the face of the label’s new fragrance. And there’s no better time than this weekend to be put to work selling all the sh-t you need to be selling: movies, colognes, whatever.  Everyone is here in LA. Everyone is watching LA. This is when you are expected to participate, if that is what you are - a participant in the Game, which is what she is now. When you sign deals with fashion brands and “lifestyle” is part of the sales pitch, the career is more than just the acting. Part of the career also becomes putting on a cute outfit and posing at the photo wall. Needless to say, Kristen Stewart has decided she’s ready to travel that professional path. This was a good move. But then the next step is the behaviour.

A few weeks ago Stewart was in Paris and mouthed off to a few paps outside her hotel, something about hoping they freeze to death. There was video of it. Click here to see. I smutty tingled to it with this caption: “First of all, get over it, Kristen Stewart. And second, oh my God, did you really throw down such a lame ass diss?”

Signing with Balenciaga is a smart business move. Show me then that you are a BUSINESS WOMAN. Because I really look forward to seeing that, I do.

And I really, really look forward to seeing what’s in that garment bag. Where will she show it?

Stewart is, at present, not scheduled to present at the Oscars. There are a lot of other parties happening this weekend though. Too many to list. Tonight’s most exclusive event is the CAA party at Bryan Lourd’s house. But there are never any official photographs allowed there. Tomorrow the biggest deal is probably the Weinstein event at Soho House. And of course the Vanity Fair Oscar party on Sunday. That’s the best place to make a marketing statement off the Oscar proper red carpet. Also she just did a photo shoot for Vanity Fair with Mario Testino that’s supposed to be an upcoming cover. Also there’s no way she’d go to Elton John’s.


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