It was first confirmed in December that Kristen Stewart would be fronting Chanel’s Paris-Dallas collection ad campaign. Here are the preview images.

Wicked styling, non? And perfectly suited to her. Also MUCH better than the way her initial Balenciaga shots came out, although I wonder if Isabel Marant is looking at this like ummmmm…? Because if you weren’t told that it was Chanel, what would your guess have been about the clothes? That’s a Karl issue though and not a Kristen one.

As you might expect, I am partial to the braids. It’s been years now my fixation on this blog. Three years ago at TIFF I made a braid happen every single day of the festival – braid crown, fishtail braid ponytail, braid headbands, braid knots, braid everything. 

And dragon braids too – 3 for each one of the Khaleesi’s for a Game Of Thrones shoot we were on a couple of weeks ago. 

It’s all Jordana though. She’s Key Hair on The Social. In other words, the hair boss. This is her Twitter and this is her portfolio. Two months ago, she put 3 cornrows on each side of my head and called it the “double skrill”. As you can see, Stewart has 2 cornrows on each side and a cluster at the top. Looks badass. #BraidLife