This is Kristen Stewart for Vanity Fair France. Love the way they’ve styled her, particularly the first shot attached, slouching down against the wall, sweater falling off her shoulder, one leg tucked underneath her, the other jutting out seductively. “Seductive” is not an adjective often associated with Stewart…and yet here, in this pose, she wears it well. It’s sexy, it’s challenging, it’s how JLO might be photographed, two names you wouldn’t think would ever go together in the same sentence. But Kristen Stewart appears to be going to different places, as she tells the writer, she’s “out of the building”. She’s totally moved out of Bella’s house. OK. So where does she live now?

Well, the interview talks about Europe – a European sensibility and perspective, considering her attitude now after that scandal, which is indirectly discussed. Would it have been as big of a f-cking deal in Europe? She and the journalist talk about Olivier Assayas, who directed her in Sils Maria, and how that may have informed not only her character in the film but in the way she’s moved on from the experience.

Overall, it’s probably the strongest interview she’s given – not defensive, not youthfully sanctimonious in describing her career and her decisions, certainly self-reflective about fame and its downside, without coming across as ungrateful, reluctant, or petulant. Click here to read and to see the rest of the photos.