New pap shots of Kristen Stewart were released yesterday afternoon. And just in time for the Monday night tabloid deadline. Coincidence or conspiracy?

Our friends at PopSugar have secured a premium 48 hour online exclusive on the images until Wednesday and then they’ll hit newsstands with the magazines. Click here to see.

As you know, this is the first time Stewart has been photographed since the cheating scandal broke exactly 3 weeks ago. She’s with her bodyguard/manager/personal assistant. The infamous Mini Cooper has been replaced by a solid American automobile, a Buick. In her hand she’s carrying McDonald’s, another powerful US brand. Finally, right?

Finally some proper strategery after the piss poor play of that simpering apology. Stewart appears to be ready to come out of hiding, gradually. I’m told that the gentleman pictured with her, John, recently made a series of phone calls to photo agencies and select paparazzi inquiring about a working arrangement. They were putting together a game plan for her comeback. This first exploratory effort is a good one. She looks healthy but humbled. This is important. Though I am not broken, I am certainly sorry, and there is contrition behind my shades. You throw that out there to test the water. We probably won’t know for certain since the pictures have yet to go wide and many outlets are waiting for the embargo to be lifted so that they can post them on their own sites. By tomorrow morning then we should have a better gauge.

Perhaps that’s why her name did not appear on the TIFF guest list this morning. Stewart’s On The Road will be screened in Toronto. The director Walter Salles is confirmed as are the two leads, Sam Riley and Garrett Hedlund along with Viggo Mortensen who loves coming to TIFF with his Habs jersey. Many entertainment reporters are still insisting that Stewart will walk the carpet despite her omission from the release. All I know is that the festival wasn’t able to secure anything definitive when they were putting together their announcement. These photos however suggest though that a plan is underway to reintroduce Stewart in a professional environment where she can rebuild her brand as an actor first. If these go over well, a follow-up in a few days is recommended -- all part of a series of moves building towards a proper public re-emergence. See? It’s all about business. Tell that to Jodie Foster the next time she tries the infantalisation excuse.