Right in line with Duana’s previous article, see below, Gossip Cop just posted the most ridiculous item about Kristen Stewart’s cheating:


Gossip Cop is celebrity-friendly. The site appears to have a good relationship with celebrity publicists; its mission is “busting bad gossip” in favour of the famous people and often Twilight, Kristen Stewart, and Robert Pattinson.

Needless to say, their report today was an effort to somehow make Kristen Stewart, um, look better. By saying that even though she cheated, it was just kissing and definitely not f-cking. Damage control, then. Terribly executed damage control.

For a number of reasons.

First because these kinds of explanations sound like rationalisations and excuses. And there is no excuse for what she did.

Second because, well, it makes no f-cking sense.

If you’ve seen the pictures, you’d have a hard time believing it was a “momentary discretion” and, ahem, “just kissing”. Especially not the shot of him going down on her in the front seat. The common conclusion drawn from those images is that what was between Stewart and Sanders was habitual and familiar.


Was this the point of the story?

No. The point of the story was to, I dunno, assure you that she never let him into her vagina.

What it became however was something else.

It’s like telling people you don’t have a pimple which pretty much invites them to look at your pimple. It became, yet again, a discussion about her sexual motivation. You leak a tip like that, and all you’re doing is inviting people to talk about it. At a moment when you want everyone to stop talking about her sexual motivation, these so-called sources (friends, publicists, agents, reps) are making it worse. They might mean well, they might be trying to protect her and defend her, but they are making it worse. They’re amateurs. They’re children. No, actually, they’re probably in their 20s. Because these moves sound like they would come from people in their 20s - stupid, not strategic, and even more damaging.

That apology yesterday was embarrassing enough. It’s astonishing how Stewart’s team keeps bungling and fumbling this crisis. Do we need to call up Katie Holmes’s people? It wouldn’t be a bad idea. Because the way Stewart and her mickey mouse entourage is handling it right now, they’re turning it into a total defeat.