Kristen Stewart was rather vampy the other day on the carpet in Cannes for the premiere of her film On The Road. Tonight she took it to another level to support her boyfriend, seen here with his best friend Tom Sturridge, in red and side-breasty for Cosmopolis at the Palais, extending the stretch of bliss that Twi-Hards have been enjoying during Bella and Edward’s tour of the Croisette.

You can imagine how hard they must have been rubbing themselves yesterday as photos and videos of the two kissing at the On The Road after-party were released online. I had to go straight to my flight so I ended up writing that article - click here if you missed it - in the shuttle on the way to the airport. All I can say is if they’d seen it go down in person? Their fans would have flooded the place. Here are a few extra details beyond what you may have read already that you all can take under the covers later.

Twi-Hards are really big on details. I received many requests to specify the brand of champagne - 8 bottles were ordered at 2:30am - they were drinking. It was Piper Heidsieck. (Buy shares in Piper Heidsieck right now.) At one point they were looking at iPhone photos of a dog and Stewart clasped her hands to her chest like - he’s SO cute, I love him, oh my God! She was adorable when she was doing this.

Sometimes when they were standing they would talk to people while hugging. That is she’d have her arms around him, and his around her, but they’d open their bodies to the person or people in front of them. These two are super hot together, no doubt, but this move is a little...I mean...imagine you’re the other person, right? It’s kind of gross. It’s how Ebola Paris Hilton behaves when she has a boyfriend. That said, I was raised by a frigid bitch who hates public displays of affection. I could be in the minority here.

It seems like things are still pretty flirty between the two of them. Once when they were standing alone, as he bent his knees to be able to make direct eye contact with her, she kind of opened her mouth suggestively, and he grinned back like, I’ll have some of that. (Why aren’t they allowed to be like this in the movies?) This was followed by a long kiss and she put her fingers in his shirt.

Just some snapshots from a few minutes here and there over the course of a few hours. There were a lot of people at the party and it is important to always be able to locate the food.