Are you KIDDING me with this?  Are you joking about what Kristen Wiig wore to the BAFTAs?  Please investigate below…

She looks like a fairy princess Vanna White.

And I can’t just accept this; I need to find some sort of conspiracy theory in it, apparently.  Why is she dressed like this tonight?  Is it because she’s not the focus, so she can get away with wearing something that’s (for her) totally subversive?  Did she fall in love with this dress and think she could wear it in Britain where she wouldn’t have to answer any questions from Giuliana about whether she was hoping to play a bride next?  Did the hair and makeup people she worked with pull a Hunger Games and decide she needed a complete overhaul?  

Did she forget her choker at home?  

Okay, enough. I’ve had my fun and it really doesn’t matter and she does look lovely. It’s just so…surprising. I want to Veronica Mars this up somehow.