How is it that other people get concern levied at them if they have too little eyeliner on but everyone just lets Kristen Wiig look nuts, and nobody says anything? The red hair and tan skin combined to make her look like nothing so much as the third Olsen twin, not least because she’s lost in the bottom of that dress.  Why is it always one thing or another? Last year it was the paleness that made us think she had consumption, this year the hair was…dare I say a little unwashed?

Didn’t expect to love that dress, though, and I wound up being quite infatuated with it. Also, she and Will together make her her most relaxed. I feel like there is still more there than we see on the regular. Like Kristen Wiig has farther to go, don’t you think? She could – but hasn’t yet – blow us away. I’m waiting.