By the end of this article, you’re probably going to tell me to shove it up my ass. If that means Allison Williams styles, I’m all about that life.

F-CK yeah.

Sorry. It just… it’s just such a great position, you know?

Anyway, about these two slouchy, very similar dresses on Kristen Wiig and Amanda Peet?


I’m into it.

Wiig’s more than Peet’s but both of them, for me, are a Yes.

Who says it can’t be bloused?

How is this not more stylish, fashion-forward-but-vintagey-backwards than so much of what you saw last night? I’ll take Wiig’s off-the-shoulder over Emily Blunt. I’ll definitely take it over Felicity Jones. And 100% over Salma Hayek. And everything clingy and unimaginative that keeps passing for “best dressed” on everyone else’s list.

Also I was smiling the entire time Wiig and Bill Hader were up on stage together. I like it that when she doesn’t want to laugh, she looks like she wants to cry.