It’s not even like my eyes deceive me – Wiig is for sure smiling and it’s because she looks fantastic and she has perhaps unwittingly bested Scarlett Johansson at her own look. They have the same haircut and kind of the same dress, but Wiig’s black-on-black paisley is much better. Even if I originally thought those shoes were all-the-way mint coloured.

I can’t believe how rare it is to see her with a smile that seems genuine or chill like this. Who is this new Kristen Wiig who is happy to see the press and looks comfortable doing this whole thing?  Is it because this is maybe the year where she’s learning to swing between being all the things, between The Skeleton Twins and Ghostbusters and interpretive dances of Sia songs? Because I mean really, if she’s out of her own way, there’s nothing Kristen Wiig can’t do. Is this the beginning of that?