Page Six reported the other day that Kristen Wiig and her new young lover Fab Moretti were all over each other again on a flight to LA from NYC last week. Two things excited me about this story: first that they’re still hooking up and second that she was “wearing massive f-ck-me Louboutins” at the time.

In 2012, I want to see more of the Kristen Wiig who wears f-ck-me Louboutins with her hot rocker boyfriend and less of the style confused actress who shows up on red carpets trying to be demure and angelic and, I dunno, elegant, if that’s what you call it, dressing the way some tight asses think a 37 year old woman should dress.


It’s wasted on her.

She can do a lot more than poo brown at the Emmys and ruffles at movie premieres. Kristen Wiig can be Excitement. The closest she came to Excitement was in that red and blue print dress at the premiere of Paul in London last February. Since then, it’s been mostly underwhelming. A selection of her 2011 red carpet looks is below.

Oh but we can change this. And soon.

Bridesmaids has been nominated all over awards season. We start then at the Golden Globes. Even better if she brings Fab.