I like Kristen Wiig so much but that f-cking choker was so objectionable to me it almost affected how I felt about the wearer, this is what you risk with a terrible accessory. Like, I’m all for understated Balenciaga. And in many ways, Kristen Wiig is very understated Balenciaga. It’s the anti-Marchesa. It’s high style without the Try. It’s “I don’t give a sh-t if you don’t put me on your best dressed list because obviously you people don’t know”.

Which... fine, amazing, I love the approach.

It’s just ...

That f-cking choker, it’s totally antithetical to that approach.

That choker tells me she cared too much, thought to much, wanted too much, and isn’t Charlotte Gainsbourgh.

Then of course they all (almost) made up for it when they presented their Scorsese drinking game. It was over for me as soon as Melissa McCarthy started doing the sly rider move right off the top as they took the stage, did you catch that? I really love Maya Rudolph when she’s just “musing”. It’s so underrated.

NB The cast of Bridesmaids will also be presenting at the Oscars. Don’t let me build it up too much in my mind.