There are many, many, many reasons to watch Friday Night Lights. The acting, the writing, the male and female hotness, the high school drama – the list goes on. It is quite simply the most outstanding show on television. And it is a straight up shame people spend more time on mindless drivel like The Ghost sh-tter than on FNL.

But if you are considering it, and if are still unsure about whether or not to take the Friday Night plunge, let this be the only reason you need:

Kyle Chandler.

The man is…


Last week’s episode, there is a scene in which Coach Taylor shows up on the sidelines to watch his old team completely fall apart under new leadership. The way he stalked that field, the way he pursed his lips, the way he clenched his jaw…this man is all man.

And he is happily married and faithful and loves his daughters and says things like “doggone” and as you can see is soooo quivering in the pages of InStyle. If you tell me you don’t want to run your hands through his hair, I won’t believe you.

Friday Night Lights - go get Season 1 on DVD. Help resurrect good taste... You will not be sorry.